This high-impact three day program will change the way you look at training. Access practical tools, strategies, and techniques to make your training dynamic, engaging, and highly effective.

We show you how to optimize your learning environment, materials and your self to achieve outstanding learning results. Participants get a chance to practice and get valuable collective feedback.


  • Gain insights into the elements that are critical to ensuring the success of a training session.
  • Gain an understanding of group dynamics and human behaviour in order to better manage a group effectively.
  • Acquire tools and insights for self awareness in order to become a more effective facilitator of learning.
  • Discover tools that can help prevent difficult situations from arising and be able to bring things back on track more easily if they do arise.
  • Have opportunities to put these tips, tools, and techniques into practice.

To find out more, and to receive a price estimate, please contact Nicole Da Costa at (613) 230-6424, ext. 114 or