Intersol's Eric Collard will be leading workshop on crowdsourcing in New York City

Intersol’s Eric Collard is presenting a post-conference workshop next Thursday (August 9, 2012) at ALI's Strategic Internal Communications in New York, NY.

This is the second time Intersol is involved with ALI in New York City with our crowdsourcing partner Chaordix.

The workshop is titled "How Crowdsourcing (Two-Way Communications) Can Tap Into The Full Creative Power Of Employees: The Future Of Internal Communications". It talks about the crowdsourcing phenomenon, using information drawn from the public on the Internet, has rapidly made inroads into just about every industry, for a myriad of purposes. From engaging employees, customers and partners in co-creation and problem solving, to identifying new business opportunities, to building brands, just to name a few. Crowdsourcing can help shape a new way in which companies can tap the full creative power of their employees. But with this new method comes both tremendous opportunities and challenges.

The workshop will explain why crowdsourcing is gaining so much momentum, and will walk you through a typical internal crowdsourcing engagement. Participants will gain a firsthand overview about everything that goes into planning a successful engagement including the planning process, crowd recruitment, incentive structures, and moderation.

The workshop will include:

  • What crowdsourcing is and where it's being used
  • How crowdsourcing is revitalizing older management practices
  • Why employees of companies who have used crowdsourcing report higher levels of employee satisfaction
  • What is critical to crowdsourcing success, and which pitfalls to avoid
  • Where crowdsourcing might apply to your organization, and how to get started